What does Algaevit contain?

Chlorella algae, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12, vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin E, vitamin K, omega-3 fatty acids, plant proteins, 18 different amino acids, iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, and selenium.

Our nutritional table with list of Algaevit ingredients.

Algaevit is sugar, gluten, lactose, and alcohol-free, as well as vegan and halal.

Algaevit or Algaevit FORTE?

Algaevit and Algaevit FORTE differ only in the higher concentration of vitamins and minerals in Algaevit FORTE. That makes Algaevit FORTE most suitable as a course of treatment (1 to 3 bottles) and Algaevit for long-term use. There is a minimal difference in price.

How should Algaevit be taken?

For detoxification: ideally in the morning, before breakfast. This allows all the toxins which have gathered in the gut overnight to be eliminated.

For vitamin intake: it is sensible to take smaller doses of Algaevit, several times a day, as the body’s ability to absorb vitamins varies during the day.

Algaevit can be taken pure or diluted with water.

How long should Algaevit be taken?

There is no limit to how long you can take Algaevit as the ingredients are all entirely safe. However, it is sensible to pause occasionally, as continuous use can reduce the body’s own capacity to produce some vitamins.

How long must Algaevit be taken to achieve an effective level of detoxification?

Detoxification starts after around 10 days. Algaevit should therefore be taken regularly for at least 3 to 6 weeks to achieve thorough detoxification.

As we are constantly exposed to toxins in dust, nutrition, etc., continuous detoxification is entirely reasonable.

Are Chlorella algae associated with any adverse reactions?

We distinguish between side effects and adverse reactions. Many people have a more liquid stool or diarrhoea during the first 10 days which is a normal sign of intestinal detoxification. Similarly, they may experience short term skin impurities after 3 to 4 weeks, an indication of detoxification via the skin.

After this detoxification phase the digestive system regulates itself noticeably better and the complexion becomes clearer.

Although all the ingredients are certified 100% allergen-free, in rare cases pseudo-allergic reactions may occur. For example, the Chlorella protein is very similar to that in mussels.

Is Algaevit allergen-free?

Algaevit is vegan, and sugar, lactose, gluten, and alcohol-free. All the ingredients, including the algae, are certified allergen-free. However, the possibility of allergic reactions cannot be completely excluded where there is an intolerance to the amino acids in the algae, for example.

Is Algaevit vegan?

All the ingredients are certified vegan and inspected by the European Vegan Society.

Who can take Algaevit?

All the ingredients are safe for people of all ages and all circumstances. Chlorella algae are also the only suitable agents for detoxifying during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The daily dose of Algaevit should be adjusted for children according to their age.

Is Algaevit suitable for children?

There are no age limitations on the consumption of any of the ingredients. We recommend reducing the daily dose for children according to their age.

What are the benefits of Algaevit?

The effects are documented in studies and include detoxification and cleansing, strengthening the immune system, reducing oxidative stress, positively influencing the lipid profile, microbiome, liver and gut, and the revitalising properties of Chlorella algae.

As the effects are widely varied and complex, they are described in the information leaflet and explained in the videos.

Algaevit augments the effects of the (micronized) Chlorella algae with a nutritional supplement of vitamins B1-B12, C, D3 and E, and minerals.

Why are the Chlorella algae micronized? What is micronization?

Micronized simply means very finely ground, or pulverised. The microscopic algae have a tough coating of cellulose which is difficult for the gut to digest (similar to unchewed corn). Micronising the Chlorella algae makes their valuable content bioaccessible, allowing them to have their full effect in Algaevit.

Can Algaevit be taken with other medication?

Studies show that Chlorella algae have no negative impact on the effectiveness of medication. Taking medication can stress the liver, kidneys, bile, the microbiome, and the body’s whole energy balance. Chlorella algae, in combination with vitamins and minerals, have a range of effects which support the body by cleansing, detoxifying, strengthening the immune system and revitalising.

Can Algaevit help after chemotherapy?

Taking medication can stress the liver, kidneys, bile, the microbiome, and the body’s whole energy balance. Chlorella algae, in combination with vitamins and minerals, have a range of effects which support the body by cleansing, detoxifying, strengthening the immune system and revitalising. Studies show that Chlorella algae have no negative impact on the effectiveness of medication. (Study: Konishi F et al., Cancer Immunol Immunother, 1996)

How is Algaevit preserved?

The preservative in Algaevit is sodium benzoate, a salt of benzoic acid. Benzoic acid is found in blueberries and has been used in natural medicine since medieval times due to its germicidal properties.

Why does Algaevit contain aspartame and acesulfame K?

Chlorella algae have a very fishy, unpleasant taste. We wanted to make Algaevit taste pleasant which we have achieved by using plenty of lemon, but this also required the addition of a sweetener. However, as stevia produced an unacceptable metallic aftertaste, and birch sugar (xylitol) was ineffective, we reluctantly decided to use a minimal dose of aspartame.

According to the European Food Standards Authority (EFSA), the highest permitted daily intake of aspartame over a lifetime is 40 mg per kilo of body weight (FDA, US Food and Drug Administration: 50 mg/kg). That means 2800 mg for someone with a body weight of 70 kg. However, a daily dose of Algaevit contains only 3.6 mg – just 0.13% of the EFSA maximum recommended daily consumption.

We are continually working to reduce this level further.

Have the positive effects been proven?

Studies clearly demonstrate the positive effects of both the Chlorella algae and the vitamins and minerals. The positive effect of Algaevit itself has not yet been proven, due to a lack of studies to date.

Further studies

Where can I buy Algaevit?

Algaevit can be bought in the online shop. Customers in Austria can also buy Algaevit at their local pharmacy (FORTE), at Bipa, DM, and other health food stores and drugstores.

How much Chlorella does Algaevit contain?

A daily 45 ml dose contains 900 mg of dried Chlorella powder.

The Chlorella cell has a tough cellulose coat which the acids in the stomach find hard to break down.

Consequently, the body can only absorb a fraction of the content of Chlorella powder in the form of pellets.

Micronization makes all the contents readily available to the body.

What is the difference between Chlorella algae and Spirulina algae?

Both are freshwater algae with a very interesting mixture of contents. Intensive medical research has been conducted into Chlorella algae over the past 20 years, and many of its effects have been documented. There is no such evidence for the effects of Spirulina.

How does Algaevit help anaemia?

The recommended daily intake of iron (EU reference value) is 15 mg. The daily 45 ml dose of Algaevit contains 17.26 mg of iron from Chlorella, to which we have added an extra 10 mg.

In principle, the body is always better able to utilise iron sourced from natural foods than provided in the form of “artificial” supplements. By combining both sources, the body has access to all the iron it needs.

Iron deficiency is a common cause of fatigue, and so we have taken particular care to ensure that Algaevit is a good source of iron.

How high is the dose of D3 and where does it come from?

The vitamin D3 is certified 100% vegan and is of the highest quality. The recommended daily intake of vitamin D3 (EU reference value) is 20 μg. A daily dose of Algaevit contains 20 μg of vitamin D3, and Algaevit FORTE 40 μg.

A regular and adequate supply of vitamin D3 is essential: it is very often one of the vitamins our bodies lacks, and it is suspected that a D3 deficiency has a negative effect on the psyche.

How & where are the Chlorella algae cultivated?

We source the Chlorella algae from Jongerius-ecoduna, Bruck an der Leitha, Lower Austria. (www.jongerius-ecoduna.at). Here the algae grow in pure Austrian drinking water, with sunlight and selected nutrients, all free from pollution, genetic modification, or additives. The closed system of pipes protects the algae from negative environmental influences, while – as no pumps are used – the naturally rising currents of air in the vertical piping provide near-natural and stress-free conditions for growth.

Where does Chlorella algae naturally occur?

Chlorella algae grow in small, clean streams and rivers around the world, from Austria’s Waldviertel region to Canada. It is a purely freshwater algae, rendering it free from all the problems associated with saltwater algae, such as heavy metal pollution.

Is Algaevit an environmentally friendly product?

Organic nutrients and sunlight are used to cultivate Chlorella algae, emitting only pure oxygen into the environment.

The bottle is made from high quality, medical PET. It can be recycled, making it more environmentally friendly than non-recyclable medicinal glass bottles.

The cardboard packaging is made from recycled materials.

How does it differ from other "superfoods"?

Most superfoods certainly have highly beneficial effects in specific areas, but have been subject to little medical research to date. Chlorella algae are notable for their combination of active ingredients and nutrients, with their effects increasingly confirmed by scientific studies.

Some superfoods which are normally taken in large quantities can have a negative impact on medication, creating huge problems for emergency physicians whose patients are often unable to respond to their queries.

In the studies available to us, the subjects were administered with up to 10-times the level of Chlorella contained in Algaevit with no adverse reactions being recorded.

We have examined over 60 scientific studies.

Why take a nutritional supplement?

According to the Austrian Nutrition Report (2017 survey by the Medical University of Vienna, published by the Federal Ministry of Health and Women) the recommended levels of vitamins B, D and E are never or seldom reached.

That’s why Algaevit contains sufficient quantities of the entire B complex of vitamins, as well as vitamin D3 and E (see table of nutritional values). As Chlorella algae themselves contain a range of vitamins, they offer plenty of components which ensure good bioavailability.

Who is behind Algaevit?

Algaevit’s ‘inventor’, Thomas Aichelburg, learnt about Chlorella algae from his daughter, an osteopath, and was immediately impressed by its effects. His vision was to create a new product which would exploit the full potential of the algae.

After a three-year development period working with a team of experts in the fields of nutrition and sports science, osteopaths, and physicians, he succeeded in micronizing the algae, presenting it in a liquid format, and making its entire spectrum of effects bioavailable. The green essence is embedded in a highly effective mixture of vitamins and minerals. He drew on his extensive experience in the food supplement market and product development to establish his start-up in 2019.

Who manufactures Algaevit and Algaevit FORTE?

Algaevit is manufactured by the Vienna-based company KWIZDA Pharma. KWIZDA is an Austrian family company founded in 1853 which operates throughout Europe and focuses on natural healing treatments (BRONCHOSTOP, etc.). It is an international leader in terms of innovation and quality.