Privacy policy

A. Introduction

This privacy policy explains:

– What information we collect and why we collect it
– How we use this information
– The options you have to access information, and to update or delete information

We have tried to keep this privacy policy as simple as possible. If, after reading this privacy policy, you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

This privacy policy was last updated on 5 May 2021.

B. . What information we collect, and how we collect information

Personal data you have provided

When you visit our website, our servers will be notified of your IP address. This information will be stored for a limited time. When you use certain sections of our website – for example, when requesting information, contacting us via our online contact form, or when signing up to receive our newsletter or to download material such as e-books – you may be asked to provide your name and email address to identify you as a person.

Non-personal data

When you visit our website we collect potential non-identifying information from you, for example, about your interaction with the website and our services, the reference URL, the browser, the operating system, and cookie information.

Information which we collect via third parties

In addition to the personal information you provide, we use third party services to collection additional data about your activities when you visit our website or register for our services. The following is a list of all third-party providers and the specific categories of data we share with them:

To ensure compliance with the GDPR, we have carefully selected and examined all third parties with whom we share your information and have signed individual processing contracts with each of them.

C. How we use the personal data we have collected

We will never sell, assign, or transfer your personal data to third parties without your permission. However, you agree that we may use your information for the following purposes:

  • To enhance and improve the user experience when using the website (Art.6 Par.1(f) GDPR)
  • To provide you with our services (sending the newsletter, processing orders, etc. (Art.6 Par.1(b) GDPR)
  • To contact you for the purposes of conducting (pre-)contractual measures and reply to queries made by telephone, email or newsletter (Art.6 Par.1(b)(f)GDPR)
  • To document all communication with you (Art.6 Par.1(f) GDPR)

Furthermore, we may transfer your information to the public authorities for prosecution when required to do so by a court order, when EU laws have been infringed, or when there has been a breach of the terms of use or of the privacy policy.

D. Sharing personal data

The personal data you have sent to our website, or which we have collected via the third party service providers listed above, will be shared with specific third party service providers to make available and to improve our service to you. To ensure compliance with the GDPR, we have carefully selected and examined all third parties with whom we share your information and have signed individual data processing agreements with each of them.

E. Access and control of personal data

As a user, you have the right to information, rectification, limitation, data transfer and deletion, as well as to revoke your consent. Revoking your consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing which was conducted following consent and up to the revocation of consent.

If you do not provide us with your data, we will not be able to provide our services or reply to your queries.

Therefore, we have introduced processes to guarantee transparency about how your data is used.

Data subjects wishing to exercise their rights should contact our team at [email protected].

Every query we receive will be directed to the person in our company responsible for dealing with the rights of data subjects. The queries will be examined and dealt with accordingly. Where we have no duty to store the data, the data will be duly deleted. Where we have a duty to store some or all of the data which the data subject wishes to be deleted, and the storage period for this data is clearly defined, then we will retain all the necessary data.  All non-relevant data will be deleted. In both instances, the data subject requesting the deletion will be contacted and informed of the process. The same procedure will be used when the data subject requests that their data is altered.

All requests and their outcomes will be documented.

F. Technologies used

Cookies and related technologies

We use tracking technology (“cookies”) so that we can recognise you across our website and our services, monitor the use of our services and data flows, and adapt and improve our services accordingly. By visiting our website or using our services you agree to the use of cookies in your browser and HTML-based emails. Cookies are small text files stored on your device when you visit a website to follow your use of the website and services, and to improve the user experience.

Session cookies

Our websites use “session cookies” which improve your user experience by saving particular information from your current visit, such as registration information, on your device. This reminds us that you have logged in, allowing you to move seamlessly between the pages of our website or in our services. We cannot provide our services without using these session cookies. These session cookies are limited in function and duration. After this limited period expires, you are required to re-enter your login data. This protects you from anyone accidently gaining access to your account and the personal data assigned to your account. Other examples of the use of session cookies are to track the number of visits to a page or a service function made by a particular visitor.

Performance cookies

Partners who help us display advertising on and from our website, as well as analytics companies, can also store cookies on your device. We use several third party providers to present displays for relevant products and services when you visit particular pages on our website. We can provide third party advertising partners with a cryptographic hash of a general account ID (e.g., an email address) to help us measure and adapt the displays and services presented to you. The third party providers we currently use are as follows:

  • Google Inc., 1600 Ambhitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

Most browsers offer you the option of choosing whether to accept cookies. If you do not want any cookies on your device, please set your browser settings to reject all cookies before accessing the website. Please note that doing this is likely to result in several site functions and services no longer being available.

Furthermore, when visiting our website for the first time, you can reject or accept the use of the technologically essential cookies by clicking the corresponding button in the banner.

To find out more about cookies, how to see which cookies have been placed, and how you can manage and delete them, please go to

The Network Advertising Initiative has also developed a tool to help you understand which third party providers have currently activated cookies for your browser, and how you can reject these cookies. You will more information at

G. Explaining information security

We are working hard to protect our users from unauthorised access to their data, as well as the unlawful alteration, publication, or deletion of data, by applying various guidelines and procedures:

  • Encrypting our services with SSL certificates
  • Examining our procedures for collecting, storing, and processing information, including physical security measures, to protect you from unauthorised access to systems
  • Access to personal data is limited to our employees, contractors, and authorised persons who need this information to process it on our behalf, and who are subject to strict non-disclosure agreements and can be penalised if they fail to comply with these obligations.

Our privacy policy applies to all the services we offer but excludes services which have separate privacy policies which do not include this privacy policy.

We check regularly to ensure our compliance with this privacy policy. We also adhere to the various self-regulation frameworks, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In the event that we receive a formal written complaint, we will contact the person submitting the complaint in order to respond. We work with the relevant public authorities, including the local data protection authority, to handle complaints related to the transfer of personal data which we are unable to settle directly with our users.

Our privacy policy may change over time. Under no circumstances will your rights be curtailed without your express agreement. We will publish all changes to the privacy policy on this page, and should the changes be considerable, we will inform you directly (including by email for services).

H. Contact us

If you have further questions about this privacy policy or how your personal data is managed, you can reach us at the following address:

Algaevit GmbH
Mag. Thomas Aichelburg
Storkgasse 11/14-15
1050 Vienna

Tel.: +43 699 100 25 999
Email: [email protected]

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